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Experiment Management, Tracking and Historian XperiLink_neu

Are you tired of:

  • Mundane data management tasks?
  • Incomplete and inconsistent data for analyses?
  • Data in different non searchable formats and silos?
  • Spending hours to rearrange data for statistical assessment and reports?

XperiLink is an information management environment that provides you with the ability to investigate logical and illogical relationships between all your data. This is the bedrock for creative thinking and next generation innovation. Who could have imagined experimental verification could be so efficient and exhilarating again? The XperiLink module of the XperiDesk suite has made this a reality.

We would like you to think of XperiLink as the solution for your future experiment management needs, but, XperiLink also offers a solution to your current experiment challenges. Together with the XperiShare clients you can use XperiLink to look at your historical data in a new light and discover relations you were not able to see before.

XperiLink functionality leaves little to the imagination. From the simple generation of a consistent runcard, over Design of Experiment (DoE) to tracking production in a prototype / small volume fabrication line, XperiLink supports the complete management of experimental information (structured and unstructured) including the management of all documents.

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Expedite your Experimentation:

  • Use the unmatched flexibility in information management
  • Manage data for different entities you cope with on daily basis, e.g., projects, experiments, lots, process steps and flows, assessments
  • Track changes to your data and who made them
  • Compare versions in your data history
  • Manage relationships between data objects to keep the context of your experiments
  • Use relationship tags to give a meaning to relations between your data objects
  • Browse AND find your data using diverse points of view, e. g., project driven, lot driven
  • Manage all your documents and web-links, including versioning
  • Plan and track your development and experiments, including Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • View the context of your data in an configurable relation graph
  • Access all your current and historical experimental data/information/knowledge
  • Use comprehensive multiple criteria searches, filters and views
  • Configure your data browser to your needs • Protect your IP with item level access protection
  • Be audit compliant with complete version and change history
Dr. Dirk Ortloff
Emil-Figge-Str. 76 - 80
44227 Dortmund
+49-231-9742-5970 or

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camLine GmbH finalizes acquisition of the software XperiDesk from company Process Relations GmbH
Petershausen, 3rd of March 2014: camLine GmbH, a provider of manufacturing software solutions, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the XperiDesk software suite and related IP of the Process Relations GmbH. Their two founders Dr. Dirk Ortloff and Dr. Jens Popp, have joined the camLine team and will continue to develop and market XperiDesk as a highly innovative Process Development Execution System (PDES).
Tagesseminar:Technical and Market-based Innovationmanagement Method
Neue oder verbesserte Produkte zu entwickeln und auf dem Markt zu platzieren ist die Basis für nachhaltige Unternehmensentwicklung. Drei Anforderungen sind entscheidend für erfolgreiche Innovationsprozesse:
  • - Technologie: Wissenschaftlich-technische Möglichkeiten optimal nutzen
  • - Markt- und Gesellschaftsentwicklungen: Trends erkennen, Veränderungen in bestehenden Märkten analysieren, neue Märkte schaffen
  • - Regulation und Auflagen: Regulatorische Vorgaben frühzeitig in den Prozess aufnehmen und Anforderungen an Dokumentation und sonstige Compliance-Aspekte von Beginn an erfüllen