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Decreasing time-to-market and the cost of development are essential for all companies. This is especially true for the semiconductor industry. The main challenge for engineers is that new technologies are increasingly complex and at the same time need to be developed within a much tighter time scale at an increasingly competitive price. Over the past twenty years, there has been a focus on shortening cycle times and subsequently, a widespread usage of various statistical tools such as ‘Statistical Experiment Design’. These have helped to keep up the pace, however, there are physical limits and the semiconductor industry is fast approaching them. If the semiconductor industry wants to keep up this rapid development of ever more intelligent yet low cost silicon, new technologies and materials need to be employed to help jump the next hurdle.

The process development stage of these technologies has obvious scope for improvements. For example, by utilising existing knowledge to its fullest, the number of experiments that need to be performed can be limited. Those that remain can be simulated first rather than performing them physical immediately. In this sense thorough planning and the usage of the virtual manufacturing capabilities within your company helps you to reduce the time spent iterating processes.

With XperiDesk you can address several of these challenges. The major challenges XperiDesk provides you with solutions for are:

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camLine GmbH finalizes acquisition of the software XperiDesk from company Process Relations GmbH
Petershausen, 3rd of March 2014: camLine GmbH, a provider of manufacturing software solutions, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the XperiDesk software suite and related IP of the Process Relations GmbH. Their two founders Dr. Dirk Ortloff and Dr. Jens Popp, have joined the camLine team and will continue to develop and market XperiDesk as a highly innovative Process Development Execution System (PDES).
Tagesseminar:Technical and Market-based Innovationmanagement Method
Neue oder verbesserte Produkte zu entwickeln und auf dem Markt zu platzieren ist die Basis fĂŒr nachhaltige Unternehmensentwicklung. Drei Anforderungen sind entscheidend fĂŒr erfolgreiche Innovationsprozesse:
  • - Technologie: Wissenschaftlich-technische Möglichkeiten optimal nutzen
  • - Markt- und Gesellschaftsentwicklungen: Trends erkennen, VerĂ€nderungen in bestehenden MĂ€rkten analysieren, neue MĂ€rkte schaffen
  • - Regulation und Auflagen: Regulatorische Vorgaben frĂŒhzeitig in den Prozess aufnehmen und Anforderungen an Dokumentation und sonstige Compliance-Aspekte von Beginn an erfĂŒllen